Siddhant Shrivastava

December 21, 2021

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I’m Sid / sidcode / Siddhant. My name means principles / tenets. That is probably why I was naturally drawn to the Kernel syllabus ;) Soon after my block wrapped up for me as a Fellow, I was asked if I wanted to be a Steward. I accepted this gift of a responsibility to best map out this unparalleled community of care that is building the heart of our interdependent web.

This post is an attempt at mapping my meaningful meanders.

Web3 journey so far:

Tech / (Computer) Science:

Economics, Policy:

Community (local):

Community (international)





All the social networks which I’m gradually giving up on before they give themselves up. Once bitten, twice shy. Looking at you, G+

Thanks for reading! If you’ve read this far, ping me and I’ll send you a POAP ;) Fin

  1. Unrelated: I was invited to speak at the same symposium at Stanford 3 years later

Meme Museum

Siddhant Shrivastava

December 15, 2021

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At every Memepalooza, hundreds of memes per month are produced. The themes span across public goods, web3, the open internet and the other values Gitcoin and GitcoinDAO cares about. Right now these memes get lost and forgotten as new memes pop up. We MUST curate them. Enter Meme Museum 🤡

The Meme museum aims to help fix this by celebrating great memes and great meme artists by curating memes, displaying them, telling stories about them, and making it easy for anyone to visit the digital museum, and share them to help push forward the spirit of GitcoinDAO.

Memes as xDAI NFTs ? Also helps with onboarding web2 memelords to web3 :)

Memepalooza participants also seemed hyped about this, but that is a biased audience 😂

The problem we faced: memes get lost and underappreciated in the discord UX. They should be out in the open and not in some walled garden.

Solution - a web3 museum of memes where the best memes and memelords get appreciated with votes and tips

Version 1 of the Meme Museum: